The Outsiders - Vital Years

album cover for The Outsiders - Vital Years
Release Date: 1993
Media Type: LP,CD
Album Code : GIFT056 / LINE4
Record Label: Gift Of Life / Three Lines
Album Tracks:
  1. Vital Ours 
  2. Count For Something 
  3. One To Infinity 
  4. New Uniform 
  5. Observations 
  6. Semi-Detached Life 
  7. Calling On Youth 
  8. Hit And Run 
  9. Fixed Up 
  10. Face To Face 
  11. Out Of Place 
  12. Freeway 
Album Notes: German bootleg compilation LP/CD of the two albums "Calling On Youth" and "Close Up"

* The first track on the CD is called Vital Ours instead of Vital Hours
* In the CD booklet Adrian Borland is mentioned as Adrian Boreland

According to Adrians parents (they own Raw Edge Records, the label that released the Outsiders material) this isn't an official release.
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