The Sound - From The Lions Mouth

album cover for The Sound - From The Lions Mouth
Release Date: 2001
Media Type: CD
Album Code : RENCD
Record Label: Renascent
Album Tracks:
  1. Winning 
  2. Sense Of Purpose 
  3. Contact The Fact 
  4. Skeletons 
  5. Judgement 
  6. Fatal Flaw 
  7. Possession 
  8. The Fire 
  9. Silent Air 
  10. New Dark Age
  11. In The Hothouse (bonus track) 
Album Notes: Adrian Borland - Vocals, Guitars 
Graham Green - Bass 
Max Mayers - Keyboards 
Michael Dudley - Drums 

Other Details: 
Sleevenotes: Michael Dudley 
Produced by Hugh Jones and The Sound 
Engineered by Hugh Jones at Rockfield Studio's, Monmouth 
Mixed at Sarm Studios, London, 1981 
Cover concept: Howard Hughes 
Cover art: Briton Riviere 'Daniel in the lion's den' - The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
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