The Sound - In The Hothouse

album cover for The Sound - In The Hothouse
Release Date: 1996
Media Type: CD
Album Code : RENCD 2
Record Label: Renascent
Album Tracks:
  1. Winning 
  2. Under You 
  3. Total Recall 
  4. Skeletons 
  5. Prove Me Wrong 
  6. Wildest Dreams 
  7. Burning Part Of Me 
  8. Heartland 
  9. Hothouse 
  10. Judgement 
  11. Counting The Days 
  12. Red Paint 
  13. Silent Air 
  14. Sense Of Purpose 
  15. Missiles 
  16. Monument (bonus track) 
  17. The Fire (bonus track)
Album Notes: Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals 
Colvin "Max" Mayers: Keyboards, Guitar 
Graham Bailey: Bass Guitars 
Michael Dudley: Drums, Percussion 

Other Details: 
Recorded live at The Marquee London, August 27/28 1985 
Recorded by Mark Wade and Jon King at Marquee Studios 
Digitally mixed by Craig Leon, Adrian Borland & Michiel Hoogenboezem at the Wisseloord Studios, Holland 
No overdubs and no replacements of live performances on night. 
Live sound by Jon Ivory 
Coverart by Rob at Bill Smith Studio 
Photography by George Trapp and Javier Ines, re-shot by Graham Bailey 
Thanks to Julie Aldred & Benny Brongers for organisation
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