The Sound - Jeopardy

album cover for The Sound - Jeopardy
Release Date: 2001
Media Type: CD
Album Code : RENCD4
Record Label: Renascent
Album Tracks:
  1. I Can't Escape Myself 
  2. Heartland 
  3. Hour Of Need 
  4. Words Fail Me 
  5. Missiles 
  6. Heyday 
  7. Jeopardy 
  8. Night Versus Day 
  9. Resistance 
  10. Unwritten Law 
  11. Desire 
  12. Heartland (live bonus track) 
  13. Brute Force (live bonus track) 
  14. Jeopardy (live bonus track) 
  15. Coldbeat (live bonus track)
Album Notes: Adrian Borland - Vocals, Guitars 
Graham Green - Bass 
Bi Marshall - Keyboards 
Michael Dudley - Drums 

Other Details: 
Sleevenotes by Michael Dudley 
Recorded at the Elephant Studio London 1980 
Produced by Nick Robbins and The Sound 

The classic Jeopardy (1980) was the band's first release on Korova Records (a subsidiary of Warner Brothers who also had Echo And The Bunnymen). Included are the full lyrics for the first time, together with some great sleevenotes from drummer Michael Dudley and from Steve Budd (who managed them at that time). The 4 bonus tracks are the Live Instinct EP which was originally only issued in Holland. It was recorded at The Venue in London on January 14 1981. It features an incendiary guitar solo on Heartland (Adrian at his best) and is one of the rarest Sound records.
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