The Sound - Propaganda

album cover for The Sound - Propaganda
Release Date: 1999
Media Type: CD
Album Code : RENCD3
Record Label: Renascent
Album Tracks:
  1. No Salvation 
  2. Music Business 
  3. Words Fail Me 
  4. Quarter Past Two 
  5. Missiles 
  6. Deep Breath 
  7. Statik 
  8. Propaganda 
  9. Night Versus Day 
  10. One More Escape 
  11. Cost Of Living 
  12. Physical World
Album Notes: Adrian Borland - Vocals, Guitars 
Graham Green - Bass 
Bi Marshall - Clarinet, Saxophone 
Michael Dudley - Drums 

Other Details: 
Sleevenotes by Adrian Borland 
Recorded by Bob Borland 
Re-mixed by Wally Brill in 1999 
Lyrics by Adrian Borland & Adrian Janes 

This album was recorded before Jeopardy (May-July 1979) , and is seen by The Sound as their true first album. The band then consisted of Adrian Borland, Graham Green, Michael Dudley and Bi Marshall. They had just decided to change their name from The Outsiders to The Sound. Three of the tracks (in different versions) subsequently appeared on Jeopardy - Words Fail Me, Missiles and Night Versus Day. It is a raw powerful album, and a fascinating historical insight into the evolution of one of the most exciting and influential guitar bands of the 80's.
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