The Sound - All Fall Down

album cover for The Sound - All Fall Down
Release Date: 1982
Album Image 2: images/discography/allfalldown-cass.jpg
Album Code : 2400191 / WE451
Record Label: WEA
Album Tracks:
  1. All Fall Down 
  2. Party Of The Mind 
  3. Monument 
  4. In Suspense 
  5. Where The Love Is 
  6. Song And Dance 
  7. Calling The New Tune 
  8. Red Paint 
  9. Glass And Smoke 
  10. We Could Go Far 
Album Notes:

1982 UK "All Fall Down" LP WEA - 240019-1
1982 Germany "All Fall Down" LP WEA - 240019-1
1982 Holland "All Fall Down" LP WEA - 240019-1
1982 New Zealand "All Fall Down" LP WEA - 2-40019 1

Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals
Colvin "Max" Mayers: Keyboards
Graham Green (Bailey): Bass, Wasp, Drum Machine, Metal
Michael Dudley: Drums, Percussion, Metal

Other Details:
Recorded at the Manor, March 1982 and at Trident, August 1982
Engineers: Steve Prestage, Flood and Craig Milliner
Produced by The Sound and Nick Robbins
Additional backing vocals on "All Fall Down" by the Manor Choir
Design by Bill Smith
Photography by Andrew Douglas

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