The Sound - Counting The Days

album cover for The Sound - Counting The Days
Release Date: 1986
Media Type: CD
Album Code : CDST24
Record Label: Statik
Album Tracks:
  1. Counting The Days 
  2. Winning 
  3. Dreams Then Plans 
  4. Total Recall 
  5. Burning Part Of Me 
  6. Longest Days 
  7. Under You 
  8. Golden Soldiers 
  9. Silent Air 
  10. Sense Of Purpose 
  11. A New Way Of Life 
  12. Wildest Dreams 
  13. Heartland 
  14. Temperature Drop 
  15. Missiles 
Album Notes:

1986 UK "Counting The Days" CD Statik - CDST 24

Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals
Colvin "Max" Mayers: Keyboards, Guitar
Graham Bailey: Bass Guitars
Michael Dudley: Drums, Percussion

Other Details:
Sampler with tracks taken from Shock of Daylight, Heads and Hearts & In The Hothouse

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