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White Rose Transmission - 700 Miles Of Desert

album cover for White Rose Transmission - 700 Miles Of Desert
Release Date: 1999
Media Type: CD
Album Code : RSR011
Record Label: Red Sun Records
Album Tracks:
  1. Summer Road 
  2. Desert Bones 
  3. Snakebitten 
  4. Valentine 
  5. Heart Of Machine 
  6. The Swimmer 
  7. Four Lonely Hours Away 
  8. Wild Rain 
  9. Walking In The Opposite Direction 
  10. Inbetween Dreams 
  11. Hallucinating You 
  12. Breath 
  13. Dead Guitars 
  14. Digging for Water 
Album Notes: Carlo van Putten: Vocals
Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals, Cubase
Florian Bratmann: Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Guitars
Mark Burgess: Bass, Vocals
David Maria-Gramse: Violins
Claudia Uman: Vocals

Other Details:
Produced by Adrian Borland
Engineered by Rolf Kirschbaum at Alien Style Studio - November 1998 / January 1999
Design & artwork by Diana Overton
Photography by Andreas Dittmer and Jan Meier
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