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White Rose Transmission - Presence [live]

album cover for White Rose Transmission - Presence [live]
Release Date: 1999
Media Type: CD
Album Code : RSR015
Record Label: Red Sun Records
Album Tracks:
  1. Intro 
  2. Allein 
  3. Sister Sweetness 
  4. Street Of Flowers 
  5. In Your Hand 
  6. Digging For Water 
  7. Valentine 
  8. The Swimmer 
  9. Wildest Dreams 
  10. Silver Age 
  11. Baby Moon 
  12. Adrian Be 
  13. Walking In The Opposite Direction 
  14. Hand Of Love 
  15. Winning 
Album Notes:

(a tribute to Adrian Borland)
Live in Cologne / Tunnels 20-05-1999
Extreme Limited Edition of 100 handnumbered copies

Carlo van Putten: Vocals, Guitar
Mark Burgess: Bass, Vocals & Guitar
Yves Altana: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Other Details:
Photos: Uwe Bickerich
Artwork, Recording & Mixing: Adrian Scheel

White Rose Transmission was a project that recorded and gigged sporadically throughout the late 1990s, the band consisted of guitarist and vocalist Adrian Borland (the Outsiders, the Sound), vocalists Carlo van Putten (the Convent) and Claudia Uman, keyboardist and guitarist Florian Brattman, and violinist David Maria Gramse. Their self-titled record was issued in 1995. 700 Miles of Desert followed four years later, released two months after the suicide of Borland. A tour that had been scheduled prior to the tragedy was fulfilled after his passing, with the Chameleons' Mark Burgess -- who had provided his bass skills for the group's second record -- taking his place.

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