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White Rose Transmission - WRT

album cover for White Rose Transmission - WRT
Release Date: 1995
Media Type: CD
Album Code : 12162
Record Label: Indigo
Album Tracks:
  1. Unkissable 
  2. Die Dunkle Macht 
  3. In Your Hands 
  4. Sister Sweetness 
  5. Vapour 
  6. Street Of Flowers 
  7. Allein 
  8. Thorn Of A Rose 
  9. The Silver Age 
  10. Indian Summer 
  11. The Hell Of It 
  12. The Sea Never Dies 
  13. Kugel Der Einsamkeit 
Album Notes: Carlo van Putten: Vocals
Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals
Florian Bratmann: Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Guitars
Claudia: Backing Vocals
David Maria Gramse: Violin

Other details:
Recorded by Adrian Borland and Rolf Kirschbaum at the KK Studio
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