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#1 19-03-2019 11:22:46


Will there be a section "White Rose Transmission" on the forum?

=P I was about to post a topic to say that my favourite song of White Rose Transmission is Summer Road.
And... |・ω・`) I realised this section is missing.

White Rose Transmission feels like a great project of the guitarist-vocalist Adrian Borland the vocalists Carlo van Putten and Claudia Uman, keyboardist-guitarist Florian Brattman and violinist David Maria Gramse.

Every song sounds nice to me. And the song Walking In The Opposite Direction sounds a lot different from the acoustic version in The Last Days of The Rain Machine.

What is, or are the songs that you like from White Rose Transmission?

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"Don't go too long without light, don't go too long without love."
-- Adrian Borland, Summer Wheel , Harmony & Destruction (2002)


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