Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction

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Release Date: 2002
Media Type: CD
Album Tracks:
  1. Solar 
  2. Angel Sulk 
  3. Forever From Here 
  4. Scrapyard 
  5. Startime 
  6. Summer Wheels 
  7. Destiny Stopped Screaming 
  8. Get Me A Witness 
  9. In The Field 
  10. Heart Goes Down Like The Sun 
  11. Land Meets Ocean 
  12. Song Damn Song 
  13. Last Train Out Of Shatterville 
  14. Living on The Edge Of God
Album Notes: Personnel:
Adrian Borland: Guitar, Midi Programming, Keyboards, Vocals
Pat Rowles: Bass, Backing Vocals
John C. Miracle: Drums
Ollie Langhorn: Violin
Sian Allen: Trumpet
Eddie Dudzik: Acoustic Guitar

Other Details:
Produced by Marcus Bell  
Recorded by Adrian Borland and Wally Brill
Mixed by Pete Barraclough and Pat Rowles
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