The Convent - For A Fistful Of Deutschmarks

album cover for The Convent - For A Fistful Of Deutschmarks
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Release Date: 1995
Media Type: CD
Album Tracks:
  1. Angel Of Wild Live
  2. Mocha For The Lions
  3. True Vampires Lot
  4. All Night Long
  5. Chain Reaction
  6. Winning (feat. Adrian Borland)
  7. Your World Not Mine
  8. King Of Rain
  9. One Million Nightmares
  10. Deadlock Days
  11. Wiedergeburt Der Stille
  12. Counting The Stars
  13. First Impressions Of The West
  14. Amsterdam
  15. Less Than Human
Album Notes: The first official collection of live recordings (1992 - 1997) of this German-Dutch new-wave combo. Containing 15 songs including all their hits and cover versions of Winning (with The Sound's Adrian Borland on vocals!) and a beautiful piano-version of Less Than Human originally by The Chameleons . This album is limited to an exlusive 1000 copies, numbered by hand.